This one-day event will include a number of interactive sessions featuring several of the insurance industry's leading chief executives and underwriters leading discussions on industry trends.

For more information about the Reactions North America Re/Insurance Conference, view the agenda and speaker lineup from the 2019 Conference.


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Join us and participate in networking with over 100 delegates from over 100 companies.


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Reactions North America Re/Insurance - Webinar Series

September 23-25, 2020

Wednesday, September 23, 10am-12:30pm EST:

  • Keynote

  • Panel: Macro Outlook on the New Landscape

A CEO discussion on what the COVID-19 virus has done to the re/insurance world and what it means for the short, medium and long terms.

  • What lessons were learned?
  • What could have been better?
  • What was done more successfully than anticipated?
  • What types of new coverages may need to be created in the future?


  • Panel: Insuring Coastal Property in 2020: Rising to the Challenge

Executives from Orchid Insurance, a leader in insuring coastal property, and several experts discuss the process of mitigating climate risks for both personal and commercial lines clients. Topics for discussion include: 

  • Climate change concerns: Why capacity has become limited in this competitive market
  • Getting the ‘Right’ rate: How frequency & severity of storms have impacted pricing
  • Regulatory challenges: Overcoming the inconsistency in building codes among U.S. states
  • Competing for business with state insurers of last resort
  • How the need for effective insurance solutions will only rise as migration increases to coastal states
  • Storm/hurricane models: Room for improvement?

Thursday, September 24, 10am-12:30pm/6pm-7pm EST:

  • Q&A

Panel: How is the Sharing Economy affected by the pandemic?

Have businesses like ridesharing, Airbnb, etc., seen less activity in the aftermath, or have those habits return to normal


Panel: M&A activity – how will the impact of the coronavirus affect the P&C industry?

Will we see fewer deals among larger organisations and more transactions (i.e., sales) among small to mid-sized organisations?

  • Will larger companies see opportunities after the impact of the coronavirus is clear?
  • How have organisations addressed culture clash issues? How can they help to manage a smooth transition?

  • Virtual Awards

Friday, September 25, 10am-1pm EST:

Panel: What effect is COVOID-19 having on September 1.1 renewals?

Capital levels are dropping and demand among cedants potentially increasing.


Panel: Investor Appetite for the Industry

Will the economic fallout from the coronavirus affect the amount of alternative capital seen in the reinsurance market?

  • How will the coronavirus affect where some re/insurance companies invest?
  • What positives, in terms of new investment opportunities, might arise?

  • Panel: Social Inflation